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... I feel very inadequate and useless a LOT of the time. I feel like I'm ALWAYs asking someone to do something for me but can't do much for others. It is hard. But Jodie is right. ... (12 replies)
... I feel that my boys are feeling the impact and the embarresment of being seen with me at a shopping centre or anywhere else as I have to use a scooter to get around. ... (12 replies)
... I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this feeling of being useless when other people need help. ... (12 replies)

... I have to laugh at this one. I saw a therapist a year or so ago when I was having so much emotional trouble dealing with all of this. She told me if I got down on my knees (now let's think about that one for a minute before reading further -- me -- on my knees -- yeah, right) and asked God to heal me, and had faith, I would be healed and would be able to get up and the MD... (12 replies)
... I would be spending $250 a week on Vitamin E if it would take away my Muscular Dystrophy. But I inherited bad genes and do not produce Dysferlin, the protein that builds muscle. I know that Chuck and others mean well and I always appreciate the advice and input. All the vitamins and supplements I take do help just a bit with fatigue but vitamins are far short of a cure. Side... (12 replies)
... NP74 -- Thanks for posting this. While I appreciate the information, I think those of us suffering from MD know that if something as simple as taking Vitamin E would make us feel better, ALL of us would already be taking it. (12 replies)
... Hey Chuck, MS and MD are not the same diseases. I believe I have read the article you spoke about in your first post, and all it does it give false hope to people with MD. I can only speak for myself, but every time I see a little light at the end of the tunnel I grab for it, but usually end up chasing rainbows. I have now learned to approach everything with caution. ... (12 replies)
... A woman on the same product I'm taking should be in a wheel chair right now. She had multiple sclerosis. She's not in a wheel chair right now, because of that product. (12 replies)
... I know you mean well Chuck, and if only our issue was a vitamin E deficiency, I would be out running marathons. I do take vitamin E, along with a whole bunch of other supplements. None of them will cure me, but they do give a little added energy. Thanks for your input though ;-) (12 replies)
... In the case of muscular dystrophy I'd highly recommend vitamin E taken over a period of time. After 3 months I noticed that it finally started absorbing. It wasn't as fast as I had hoped but effective. I'm not a sufferer of dystrophy but I have had muscular issues stemming from a sports history. I've switched over to a natural remedy, as I wrote about in another posting. It's... (12 replies)
... I feel useless everyday,I have stopped putting any effort into my appearance which is why I believe my 7 year old doesn't want me to come into his school anymore,lifting my arms to do my hair is just to unbearable.I wanted to be on the PTA at my sons school but getting in and out is too much,plus I have a cain that I would rather not use.So I get the stares from the other... (12 replies)
... I struggle with those feelings all the time. I try to redirect to things I can do, like make phone calls, email, create things on the computer, make scrapbooks for the ill or elderly to look at or make display family photo collages for family member funeral, graduations, etc. I volunteer with the PTO and do the website and all publications on the computer. Choose what your... (12 replies)
... Kathy, You said the same thing that's in my head all the time. I'm one of only 2 men in a family of many women and girls. I've always fixed everyone's plumbing, and cars and electrical problems. I was always glad to do it. Now I can't. Worse then that my mom and mother in law both need lots of help now that they are getting older and I can't offer any. I was driving my mom... (12 replies)

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