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News on MYO-029
Mar 21, 2008
... The MYO-029 thread was getting rather long so I thought I'd post this development here. It not great news. The MDA website issued two recent statements. On 03-11-08 it issued "Wyeth Won't Develop MYO-029 for MD" and on 03-17-08 it issued "Studies Shed More Light on Myostatin Blocking". These can be found on the MDA site under Research News. Both articles are long so I'll... (1 replies)
... can help that type of MD as well as many others. ... (42 replies)
... I was wonderig if anyone has read anything about ACVR2B? It is a myostatin inhibitor that seems to work about 3 times as good as MYO-029. In 2005 Wyeth was doing clinical trials with mice, and found this out, while at the same time, they were doing human trials of the MYO-029. I wonder if that discovery is what is delaying the announcement on the MYO-029 results? You can... (9 replies)

... Hi, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I went to 8 other drs before finding the one that determined I have MD. The dr I am currently going to is a wonderful Neuromuscular specialist and he really seems to know his stuff. Just thought I'd suggest you see that type of dr before wasting time going to 8 others like I did! Good luck to you! (9 replies)
... Hi, Today, I have joined this discussion goup. I am not able to the see the result MYO - 029. Any help on this will ge breatly appriciated. Just want to tell about how i am associated with MD. I have 2 Brother with MD. But it is not diagnosed. But all the symptom are for MD. Symptoms: Brother 1 : weekening of leg muscles, arm muscles. (9 replies)
... causes stiffness in ligaments. NOT something MD patients want to deal with! ... (42 replies)
... You probably know that MD is usually genetic and inherited. In my case, I got symptoms at age 39. My father got symptoms at age 35. ... (9 replies)
... hey everybody...just found you all as well while looking for myo 029 info. i've been involved in research as a subject before in the fsh albuterol study. that was not so promising and really made folks aggitated. ... (9 replies)
... I for one am hopeful about the drug trials for MYO-029 - supposedly clinical trials will be finalized end of 2006. - if approved, this drug would re-build lost muscle, however it wouldn't correct the gene that causes muscle wasting. See: (9 replies)
... Mark Thank you for your response. She has LGMD2B. Both my aunt and uncle are carriers. They were checked. After speaking w/ my aunt I understand that she is doing physical therapy occassionally but doesn't want to commit. She's young and wants her life. Understandable in a way. She also is on vitamins and creatine. She told me they didn't do anything anyway. She... (5 replies)
... Mark, I was happy to see your post. I have read many of your posts, and hadn't noticed that you've been writing lately - I've wondered how you're doing? It's very frustrating not to have a firm diagnosis, I'm sure. I got the genetic blood tests for suspected LGMD two weeks ago, but still haven't heard. They said it takes about 5 weeks. I kind of feel that my life is on... (9 replies)
... Hi, I'm new here... just came across this website/boards this morning and was happy to see that there are others out here to talk to. I'm 27 and found out about 8 months ago that I have MD. We have done so many tests to determine the form, but it is still unknown. I had my muscle biopsy about a year ago and it's so frustrating! I am happy to know that I have an answer to some... (9 replies)
... Mark, Thanks for wishes. I am 28 yrs old. Right now, I am not having broblem with Climbing stairs and getting out of chair. I feel some weakness during walking. There is some pain in calf of right leg and just above the ankle. My Brothers are 31 nd 33 yrs old. Both are having symptom from last 8-9 yrs. My family was surprised to see at age of 23-25, no body can... (9 replies)
... Hi all, I sent mail again to the wyath with additional question and they answered me exactly as first time. It seems that they have autoresponse :( I also sent mail few months ago to dr. Melissa Spencer. She answered me that there is a lot of tials on DMD and they will be tested for LGMD also. One of them is testing of blood presure pill (losartan) which showed benefitial for... (42 replies)
... Hi shren138, Sorry you've received no replies. I don't have Becker's. I'm a 46 year old male with limb-girdle MD. What caught my attention was that you mentioned the MYO-029 trial. I tried to enroll in that trial in April 2005. I corresponded with Kathryn Wagner at Johns Hopkins, one of the lead researchers. I did not qualify however because I don't have an ABSOLUTE... (3 replies)
... what type of MD do you have, and give a little more detail if you would, on the positive results? ... (15 replies)
... Myostatin Blocker, a potential way for those of us with MD to "grow new muscle tissue". ... (15 replies)
... Hopefully the results come out soon and would help the many sufferers of this dreadful disease. I just wondering, I have read the posts and I see other forms of MD being discussed but not BMD as much.. ... (3 replies)
... Two great sources of current research news are MDA's site and Quest magazine, complimentary subscription to any MD patient. ... (8 replies)
... looks very encouraging. I applied to participate in the trial in February 2005. I even talked with Kathryn Wagner at Johns Hopkins University about being part of the program. I was very excited about it. Alas... :( ...I was ineligible because I don't yet have a definitive diagnosis (see my other 100+ posts). However I still remain hopeful. For those interested in the... (9 replies)

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