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... I was diagnosed with Mitochrondrial MD back in 1993. I also have fibromyalgia and a few hundred other things....SMILE...ok.. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Randy, Hang in there, and welcome to the board. This is a great place to vent, get advice and share your story with others. My name is Mark and I'm a 48 year-old male with Limb-Girdle. Progressed now to the point were walking is barely possible. I used a cane for a few years but that doesn't cut it now because I can no longer lift my feet off the ground. My feet just... (18 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I also have a long list of diagnoses which include Myasthenia Gravis, CFS, IBS, inflammatory myophathies, migraines, and the list goes on and on. Several of my Dr's are thinking it is a Mito disease that is causing all the problems, and running an ischemic forearm test shows my mitochondrial production has declined so badly at times it now rarely comes up high... (18 replies)

... Has anyone here tried Ambrotose ? I understand it is doing wonderful things for folks like us. Dutchess, I too have fibro and a long list of other STUFF. I just don't know where all this comes from nor do they, that's the hard part no ! I'd like to know if the DHEA helps. I have been taking very low dose steriod and it has helped me tremendously. I actually just... (18 replies)
... Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a steroid produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA acts like a hormone, so it is called a steroid hormone. A hormone is a chemical produced in one part of the body that is carried to another part of the body where it has a specific effect. The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys. Your doctor should recommend it to you, because too much... (18 replies)
... what is dhea ? pleases\ explain me is it good drugs? (18 replies)
... Snickers, I don't remember what kind it is without looking. So much medical mumbo jumbo. I currently take CO enzyme Q10 250 mg, Lcaritine 250 mg and DHEA 200 mg (now they have decided to try and build back up some muscles that have atrophied). The first two helped some for a little while, but when I got sick, they didn't help me once my body got stressed. Now I am trying to... (18 replies)
... Dutchess, do you know what KIND of MITO you have ? I'm suppose to be going to Atlanta to one of the best Doc's in the country, but it cost a lot of money and VITAMINS is their only answer, so I'm wondering if I will go that far. I already know I have ragged red fibers and probably MERFF or MELAS, so I just dunno how much Medical DEBT I can put us in to find out something... (18 replies)
... hi! I have been diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy since July 2008. I have been doing so so with slow progression. I also have SLE, fibro, migraines, IBS, Raynaud's, and few others. Sometimes it seems the list could keep going on and on. The drs have been trying me on a vitamin cocktail in addition to my other meds but it hasn't worked. So the other day, they started me on... (18 replies)
... Hey Wallis..........God bless you child. You really are having a TOUGH, TOUGH TIME. I'm soooooooo sorry. I'm going for a brain MRI and ECHO today. Had to cancel last time because I just could not go. I'm so sick lately I can't even get to Doc/Exam/test appointments. I'm in a deep, deep pit. I've got to get out of some of this PAIN. :mad: BLESSINGS AND... (18 replies)
... Wallis, I missed your updates terribly! Stopping in to say hello to you girl. Have a happy and safe holiday. I'll be praying for you. :angel: (18 replies)
... Wallis, I haven't been around lately but had to check up on you. I see there have been some huge changes in your life! I'm sorry to hear that answers are still missing and I really hope you get them soon. I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending you lots of virtual (((hugs))). (18 replies)
... Snickers, So sorry you're having a rough time. I am too sadly. I'm going on Dec. 15 to see the mito doc at Columbia in NY. I've moved home to my dad's, but the house isn't accessible so I have to be carried everywhere. I somehow contracted a virus that made me have a rash that is essentially chicken pox, EVERYWHERE. Of course it's worse than it should be and terribly... (18 replies)
... I wish there was more actitivy here. I'm waiting to see Doc in Atlanta soon. Have been really, really bad lately. Shut in totally, pain and debilitation off the charts. NEED ENCOURAGEMENT........anyone on MITO ? (18 replies)
... Yes, mito is such a broad spectrum of diseases/symptoms! It's any wonder they can characterize the disease at all! But I will certainly let you know what I discover as per the mito dx. Feel better quickly! (18 replies)
... Sooooooooo sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Don't know much about that kind. There's so many and so much info. Please keep me updated. So sorry you are having to go through this so young. I got sick very young also so I can relate. Can't type much debilitated pain. BLESSINGS, SNICKERS60 (18 replies)
... Hey snickers, Ironically I was diagnosed yesterday, but didn't really clear up the mito part. I was dx with severe dopa responsive dystonia with dopamine levels of 40 (they should be 150+). The problem is that many people with mito have DRD as well, and vice versa. Basically, the doc told me at this point it wouldn't matter one way or another if it was secondary to mito... (18 replies)
... Hello, thanks for your post. Do you remember having symptoms all your life as you look back or is this something new to you ? I can look back early into childhood and see it's been there all the time. I always felt bad that I could not keep up with other kids. I just knew in my little mind that something was not right with me. I did not have the stamia they did. ... (18 replies)
... Hey Snickers, I might be a fellow mitoer also. I'm waiting on my test results and possibly going for a muscle biopsy. My mito would be somewhat atypical, if there reall is such thing as typical mito. I just got some blood work back stating that some of my amino acid levels could be due to a pyruvate dehydrogenase E3 deficiency, which I guess is a type of mito. But I'm... (18 replies)

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