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Miyoshi Myopathy
Apr 3, 2005
... Before you read on, I'm not a doctor so you should go seek professional info. ... (23 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
Sep 5, 2005
... Both my parents were fine. Neither of them showed symptoms of Miyoshi Myopathy. No one in my family has shown symptoms of Miyoshi. Both parents must be carrier of Miyoshi in order for any of their children to have it. ... (23 replies)
... I am very happy I found this website, because I have been looking allover for more information about Miyoshi Myopathy. ... (7 replies)

Miyoshi Myopathy
Aug 12, 2005
... Best of luck to everyone. Please reply on this thread if you can. Thanks. ... (23 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
May 7, 2006
... I totally understand how you feel. I have not been diagnosed with miyoshi myopathy, but I have MD of unknown origin. ... (23 replies)
... I have Miyoshi Myopathy and was diagnosed so only about a year ago. ... (8 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
Jun 30, 2006
... ining in 2002 indicated a dysferlin deficiency, but a recent Western Blot Test showed Dysferlin to be about normal. My symptoms are almost completely opposite of Miyoshi Myopathy but with the same devistating results..... ... (23 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
Mar 20, 2005
... I first discovered that my legs were getting weak at around age 17 or 18. I went through many tests and was told that I have Miyoshi Myopathy. I'm glad to meet someone that is going through the same problem that I'm having. ... (23 replies)
... Dysferlin you have? ... (17 replies)
... I am guessing you are late 20's or 30's? ... (17 replies)
... Hey Mike! I have Miyoshi Myopathy and I am a criminal defense attorney... ... (17 replies)
... How long have you had Miyoshi Dystrophy? ... (17 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
May 9, 2006
... I definetly have known for 4 years that I have very low dysferlin levels....but not a complete absence of the protien. And my dysferlin gene is okay, so it's not Miyoshi or LGMD2B. I'm one of the rare dysferlin cases that's NOT one of those 2 types. ... (23 replies)
... Please share with me: Did either of your parents have Muscular Dystrophy? I have Dysferlinopathy, or a dysferlin protien deficiency. This causes both Miyoshi Myopathy and Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy type 2B. My symptoms point towards LGMD2B. But Dysferlin deficiency is Autosomal Recessive. My Father had MD suggesting that my condition is Autosomal Dominant. I'd love... (8 replies)
... Hey Claire! I am 28 years old and was diagnosed with miyoshi myopathy when I was 19. I experience the same symptoms as you explained. ... (17 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
Aug 2, 2004
... I have had Miyoshi for about 7-8 years now, I have the same symptoms as you. Give some additional info, where do you live (there is a good Dr. in CA) & how old are you. I am 51 and I seem to be stableized, of course I cannot walk long distances or run but I manage just fine. Drop me a line to my private removed - use this board anonymously only ]. I will be happy to answer... (23 replies)
... I have Myoshi Myopathy. (8 replies)
... I suppose that it is going quicker in your case, since you allready had a broken ankle 4 times this year and I am hoping still to be able to walk an organised walk next year and that is 4 days 40km. ... (7 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
Jul 7, 2006
... Right now i have very week legs, i use walker or support of my husband to walk. I feel weakness in my arms from pas 1 year. could you please send me your Doctor info. ... (23 replies)
Miyoshi Myopathy
May 8, 2006
... Do any of you use the afo's or kfo's? ... (23 replies)

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