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... I wake up with severe neck muscle pain. ... (4 replies)
... it is very painful to have muscle pain in the neck. I think it it due to the several reasons. one may be the one due to the unhealthy exercise for bodybuilders. ... (4 replies)
Aug 14, 2008
... When I saw my neurologist in 2007 for my yearly checkup, I told him about the pain and he put me on gabapentin. ... (13 replies)

... do during the day before. If i do alot with my kids, or work a little too long in the garden or whatever. I generally ache, but i think i am becomming use to the pain and discomfort. My hands and wrists as well as my thumb areas hurt the most as well as become distorted with movement. Muscle spasms, fatigue, cramps.. ... (6 replies)
... hi all! I have recently had a muscle biopsy that was suspicious for dm2. my most disabiling issue, by far is muscle pain and joint stiffness. i have pain every day. most days moderate to severe. it limits my.mobility because it is mostly from my knees down to and including my feet. ... (2 replies)
... severe pain worse when on my feet to much. ... (6 replies)
... I ache a lot even after little physical tasks. I don't think the MD is CAUSING the aches and pains, I just believe that what little muscle I have left, must work so much harder. For instance, yesterday I painted a small wall. Took about an hour. This is about the limit of my physical ability. ... (6 replies)
... Hi! I can just tell you from my own experience that my neck muscles are very tight also. I have been going to a physical therapist and they gave me some stretching excersizes that have helped. also heating blankets. watch what you do maybe you are straining your muscles. Another thing I have noticed is when I am getting a cold my upper back starts to hurt. It is like my... (1 replies)
... I know this is a stupid question. But I constantly have muscle pain in my upper back, shoulder area and neck...especially int he morning which continues throughout the day. ... (1 replies)
... Hello dear member, you should check it out properly maybe it's inner problem and your shoulder pain's is from the inside of the bone. Or may be there is some type of the problem that involves the skin infection or skin tissues damage inside the shoulder.... Just check it deeply and throughly.......... (6 replies)
... I just have to vent a little as usual. I mentioned a while ago that my shoulders often get sore etc and I wondered how you guys deal with muscle pain caused by imbalances etc. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the information to both of you. Up until recently, I had relatively little pain involved. But as I've expressed, the weakness has increased dramatically in the last several months and with that, pain. ... (6 replies)
... Does anyone else here experience muscle aches sometimes with their MD? ... (6 replies)
... Hi I don't know if anyone else experienced any pain at the beginning stages of MD but for me there was none I do get leg pain and back pain but I've had MD for over 20 years already (2 replies)
... Hello. Not sure I am in the right forum but will try to ask a question here. I had a "severe" whiplash 7 years ago and since then I always feel pain in the neck ----tightness of muscles feel on one side -----and cannot sleep at night(sleep about 1-2 hours a night)/ I cannot rest my neck on the pillow on all sides----a nightmare -7 years like that and the suffering never ends.... (4 replies)
... This could just be growing pains. One of my grandsons had it off and on for about 3 yrs ( 9 to 13 ?). Sometimes mild and other times really bad. Hope he is doing well. I have limb girdle MD since childhood but never had much for leg pains until late 30s on. Hope this helps. (2 replies)
... My son has been experiencing this for a while. He gets random pain which lasts for hours. He couldn't sleep last night so I became a bit worried. He's 9 years old. ... (2 replies)
... Hi I'm not an expert (I have LGMD) but all the years I've had MD I didn't and do not experience neck stiffness or pain. There could be nerve damage. A friend of mine had a car accident some time ago and also had severe Whiplash becasue of this. After some time seing differend dr's the diagnoses was nerve damage. Hope you find a solution to this soon Mandy (4 replies)
... From your description of fevers and elevated white blood cell counts it seems that you have an infection going on. You mentioned raccoon eyes and frequent headaches. These are classic symptoms of a chronic sinus infection. Chronic sinus infections are often missed by doctors because they do not exhibit the same symptoms as acute sinus infections. I would think a sinus Cat... (2 replies)
... racing. By Nov. 2003, I was Elk hunting and almost back to normal. Had angiogram in Jan. 2004 and was put on Crestor, 10mg daily. Within 8 days noticed severe muscle pain and cramps. ... (2 replies)

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