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... I was wonderig if anyone has read anything about ACVR2B? It is a myostatin inhibitor that seems to work about 3 times as good as MYO-029. In 2005 Wyeth was doing clinical trials with mice, and found this out, while at the same time, they were doing human trials of the MYO-029. I wonder if that discovery is what is delaying the announcement on the MYO-029 results? You can... (9 replies)
... MYO-029 is a medicine. Let me try to explain MYO-029. I'll try to keep it simple. First, do an Internet Image search on "Belgian Blue Cattle" and also "Myostatin Mighty Mice" These pictures will show you what happens if an animal is born WITHOUT myostatin. Myostatin is a substance in your body that keeps your muscles from growing huge and out of control. Next, do an... (42 replies)
... Hello, First thing is first. I am 24 and was diagnosed with FSH in 2002. My father and younger brother both have FSH and are barely ambulatory. Fortunately, I have excellent strength and mobility due to the late onset of my disease progression. I, like everyone else, are awaiting the results of myo-029 and waiting for ace-031 to begin phase 1 of their trials. I have two... (42 replies)

... I was hoping that they would have mentioned something about the results in their second quarter financial results yesterday, but they didn't. If I remember correctly they had stated that these results would have been announced some time ago...last year I believe. ... (4 replies)
... The study is ongoing, and not expected to complete until 2007. Results of the study will not be available until after study completion. ... (42 replies)
... Now don't get excited! The results have not been published yet for the Wyeth MYO-029 Clinical Trials. But Myostatin did recently make the news and an article appeared which you can view from MDA's site or by doing a search something like "Se-Jin Lee Looking Beyond Myostatin Blocking" Se-Jin Lee is a researcher at Johns Hopkins studying myostatin and discusses some of his... (0 replies)
... Hi, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I went to 8 other drs before finding the one that determined I have MD. The dr I am currently going to is a wonderful Neuromuscular specialist and he really seems to know his stuff. Just thought I'd suggest you see that type of dr before wasting time going to 8 others like I did! Good luck to you! (9 replies)
... Hi, Today, I have joined this discussion goup. I am not able to the see the result MYO - 029. Any help on this will ge breatly appriciated. Just want to tell about how i am associated with MD. I have 2 Brother with MD. But it is not diagnosed. But all the symptom are for MD. Symptoms: Brother 1 : weekening of leg muscles, arm muscles. (9 replies)
... had better results if memory serves me correctly. ... (42 replies)
... I have not read the results yet but thought I would comment on what I heard. ... (42 replies)
... Just wanted to pass along some info. I have heard on the grapevine that the results of the study may be published within the next two weeks!! ... (42 replies)
... which I don't think they ever made public. I may be wrong, but I thought that if they weren't satisfied with the results of the clinical trials, the drug would not have even made it to the "Pipeline" category. I think that's significant!. ... (42 replies)
... After reading the results I withdraw my previous post except that I guess we can hope for Ace-031 to work or the link that discuss genetic therapy..thank god we have viruses (42 replies)
... to say the results would be out in the next 2 weeks. ... (42 replies)
... confused. If anyone knows when the results are out, or anything about the trial lets know! ... (42 replies)
... I still hope these are still only roumors..and when wyeth comes out with results there will be good news. ... (42 replies)
... i've been waiting for the results for absoloutley ages, does anyone know of anyone thats actually been on these trials? ... (42 replies)
... I know this does not help a tone but I just got word back from my Dr. today (who is the - Director, Center for Gene Therapy - at Childrens in Columbus, OH) and he told me: "The study is completed and the results have been accepted for publication that should be out in the next 6-8 weeks". If anyone sees this sooner please pass along. (42 replies)
... Positive results of losartan potassium on LGMD" and you will find it. ... (42 replies)
... trial seems very promising. I know that phase 1 wrapped up many months ago and the results will be published soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Doctor Wagner said I MAY qualify for phase 2 or 3. ... (3 replies)

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