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... MYO-029 is a medicine. Let me try to explain MYO-029. I'll try to keep it simple. First, do an Internet Image search on "Belgian Blue Cattle" and also "Myostatin Mighty Mice" These pictures will show you what happens if an animal is born WITHOUT myostatin. Myostatin is a substance in your body that keeps your muscles from growing huge and out of control. Next, do an... (42 replies)
News on MYO-029
Mar 21, 2008
... The MYO-029 thread was getting rather long so I thought I'd post this development here. It not great news. The MDA website issued two recent statements. On 03-11-08 it issued "Wyeth Won't Develop MYO-029 for MD" and on 03-17-08 it issued "Studies Shed More Light on Myostatin Blocking". These can be found on the MDA site under Research News. Both articles are long so I'll... (1 replies)
... Hello, First thing is first. I am 24 and was diagnosed with FSH in 2002. My father and younger brother both have FSH and are barely ambulatory. Fortunately, I have excellent strength and mobility due to the late onset of my disease progression. I, like everyone else, are awaiting the results of myo-029 and waiting for ace-031 to begin phase 1 of their trials. I have two... (42 replies)

... Hi Allan, The Jain Foundation is specifically concentrating on the 2 types of Muscular Dystrophies that are caused by Dysferlin deficiency. This would be Miyoshi Myopathy and LGMD2B. I am sure like us, they are hoping that MYO-029 can help that type of MD as well as many others. Mark (42 replies)
... There have been a few bits and pieces of information lately, most recently in MDA's Autumn Quest publication, viewable online. It seems that more than one researcher believes that MYO-029 by itself is not going to block myostatin production. They believe that there is another force at work, and the 2 forces must work together to block myostatin (and allow muscle to grow more... (42 replies)
... I was wonderig if anyone has read anything about ACVR2B? It is a myostatin inhibitor that seems to work about 3 times as good as MYO-029. In 2005 Wyeth was doing clinical trials with mice, and found this out, while at the same time, they were doing human trials of the MYO-029. I wonder if that discovery is what is delaying the announcement on the MYO-029 results? You can... (9 replies)
... Allen, To answer your question 3 or 4 posts up...the drug was administered by IV every 2 weeks. At least this is what I understand. I applied for the trial in Feb of 2005 and received all the info, but in the end I wasn't chosen :( Anyway, the subject might be moot for now. There seems to be both hopeful and non-hopeful news coming out of the study. MDA Quest magazine... (42 replies)
... Hi all, Jelybelly, has the jainfoundation got something to do with MYO-029? if anyone is interested in trying to find out whats going on with MYO-029 lets hear from you, People power! is it working or not?? (42 replies)
... BAD NEWS just been on the website and Wyeth have anounced they are not carrying on with any further work on myo-029 there may be hope in a stronger version but not looking good :( (42 replies)
... Hello everyone, I know there are alot of people out there just like myself who are looking for answers concerning the myo-029 trial. I wish I too had answers, all I can say is that I was one of the first participants in the trail. I started the trial in Feb 05, and did very well. Once again I too do not know if I was actually on the drug or the Pacebo, but I trulley did... (42 replies)
... Hi.... ANy new news about MYO-029? is looking everybody has lost hope becoz this forum is inactive now...... :confused: (42 replies)
... sad to hear that Wyeth is not going ahead for took many years to research on ACE031 will take time .. (42 replies)
... Hi jellybelly! if you dont mind me asking where did you get the info from about MYO-029 not carrying on, and ACE-031 taking over the trial? cheers (42 replies)
... is MYO-029 is genetic therapy?????or it is medicine?--------- (42 replies)
... VERY EXCITING! Let's not forget though - it's been in Phase 2 for years so this isn't a 'new' phase... it seems good though. Thanks for sharing aphilk!!! (42 replies)
... GOOD NEWS!! It appears that Wyeth is making progress - they have given the drug a name - Stamulumab (MYO-029)- and it has been moved from the "Clinical Trials" section on Wyeth's website, to the "Product Pipeline" section, indicating that it is in Phase 2 of the pipeline. Next will be Pipeline-Phase 3, and finally "Reg. Review". I know that this will not be a cure, but it... (42 replies)
... Hi everyone, I live in Croatia, and I had very hard time to get my diagnosis confirmed. It took for about 10 years of wondering, changing doctors, surfing the web, etc. First they taught it was Becker, then they sent my blood to France and after some waiting results came out - LGMD2A. Last month I sent an e-mail to the Wyeth to see what is going on with myo-029 and they... (42 replies)
... Now don't get excited! The results have not been published yet for the Wyeth MYO-029 Clinical Trials. But Myostatin did recently make the news and an article appeared which you can view from MDA's site or by doing a search something like "Se-Jin Lee Looking Beyond Myostatin Blocking" Se-Jin Lee is a researcher at Johns Hopkins studying myostatin and discusses some of his... (0 replies)
... Hello everyone, Has anyone heard any updates (or have first hand information) on the clinical trials Wyeth performed last year for MYO-029 (myostatin blocker)? I was hoping that they would have mentioned something about the results in their second quarter financial results yesterday, but they didn't. If I remember correctly they had stated that these results would have... (4 replies)
... Hello Everyone, Regarding the MYO-029 Clinical Trials, I'm pretty sure both Phases I and II are complete. I went to the Wyeth website, and it indicated that they were. Also, I read some place in my research that sometimes, Phase I trials become Phases I and II, without a call for additional "recruits", so that's probably why we didn't hear about the Phase II. Hopefully,... (3 replies)

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