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An Update On Me
Jul 31, 2009
... This board has been pretty quiet lately, so I thought I'd just post an update on what's been happening on my end of things!! ... (7 replies)
... Thats great to have all that help. I do have a scooter but I can walk most of the time(with crutch help) so then I feel like a hipocrite and people don't understand how you can stand and walk but can't sit and get up. I also have the bathroom problem. Most that say they are handicap accessable aren't.So to go out like you said you need to quit drinking ahead of time and hope... (16 replies)
... Dreaman, I remember well, about 7-8 years ago, when I was still using a cane, I would go out to eat and the minute I sat down in a booth or at a table I was already worrying about getting up because I knew it would be very difficult and a spectacle for the whole restaurant. Anyway.....Back to my update: I met 2 of my old co-workers for lunch last week. My family loaded... (16 replies)

... Hey Kathy, Thanks for the update, just like Mark, I am thinking a lot about you. You are doing great, I am not sure I would be able to handle it as well as you do, so I want you to know that I admire you for it! P (14 replies)
... Hi Kathy, Thanks for the update. I always wonder how your doing with this issue. I'm kind of in a holding pattern myself lately. That is; nothing new, just a slow steady decline in strength with no definitive diagnoses or treatment. I go to see my doctor at MD clinic on May 11 so I'll post the results then......if there is anything significant that is. (14 replies)
... SHANTACLARE61 - My update was the thread titled "CoQ10 Upadate" by michigani dated 12-13-2007, post #1. It's about 15-20 threads down as of today. Hope that helps! Mark (17 replies)
... Thanks for posting an update and congratulations on getting a new home that is accessible. I'm sure it's big relief. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, bny I haven't read your posts yet but I just want to reply right away to make sure you read this ASAP. Thank you for your update, my symptoms are progressively getting worse and now my vision is so much affected :'( The Kaiser doctors are not helping much but I'll go again for an appt today. Hope you will keep us posted please and if you find other patients with similar... (20 replies)
... Hi there I know to stay motivated to walk is something all of us go through. The falling bit and asking someone to help is a terrible experience (been there done that a few times) Unlike you (I also have FHSMD) I'm far more progressed and now days I use an electronic wheelchair. I can still walk but the fear of falling is overwhelming so I just don't The only time I... (1 replies)
... I haven't logged in for a very long time. It is always nice to read and re-read the posts and know that there are other people who feel the same way I do about funny things like steps and curbs and getting up off the chair etc.. I am finding it harder and harder to get motivated to walk each day. Which I knew will benefit me overall, but I'm afraid I will fall and won't... (1 replies)
... HI!! :'-( You made me tear up. PLEASE LET US HELP EACH OTHER! I feel like I am going to die next year as I am still losing muscle in my mouth and limbs. Also there is burning pain. Any update?? Please keep in touch (20 replies)
... p. Turns out what students need are people who care, not crawl around the floor....Thank goodness, trying to find a job currently...I just wanted to check in and update my status.... ... (3 replies)
... Just wanted to update that we got blood test results back and they are normal :) Thanks for the support! Hopefully I can sleep a little easier now as i've lost sleep & weight over waiting for these test results. (8 replies)
... Best of Luck! Thank you for the update! (17 replies)
... I've an appointment to see my Neurologist in the next few weeks, and what I was after from you is an update on albuterol, and the benefits you've experienced since you began taking this, and was it your specialist who offered this to you. ... (12 replies)
... It is so good to hear from people that understand. I WAS BEGINNING TO THINK I WAS CRAZY!!!! Even my husband of 40 yrs didn.t get it until he went to the Dr. with me for the test. Now he's a believer but like myself still can't grasp it.Like do you have the times when you think I can do that - just to find out your mind says yes but your body says no? By the way I have had... (16 replies)
... True, true, TRUE !!!! :) (16 replies)
... Mark, Glad it worked out for you, except for the bathroom part. Terry (16 replies)
Possible MD?
Jan 28, 2011
... Update: I have since been to the cardiologists appointment. I told him about my thought regarding MD. I listed off some of the symptoms. I showed him my calf muscles and bingo it clicked with him "looks like you have diagnosed yourelf" In fairness it was kinda funny!! He also looked at a few other things. He commented that I walk with a waddling gait. It almost shocked me... (19 replies)
... Hey Mark Thank you for the update. I am going to see my neurologist tomorrow morning, I hope that he will allow me to up the albuterol dose, I am still only on 6mg and actually ran out of pills the other day and the pharmacist wouldn't refill because the Dr had written the RX wrong. I will talk to him about it tomorrow as I am still feeling significant increases in my... (6 replies)

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