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I looked on those websites and only saw one reference to IVIG. My dr still needs to know exactly what it is and what kind of dr uses this therapy?[/QUOTE]

Hi Angela,
What type of Dr, is treating you? If your doctor does not know what IVIG is it's time for change. I was diagnosed with Polymyositis in 2004. After 3 months of Prednisone and Imuran treatment my autoimmune doctor was concerned that CPK is still elevated. He added an IVIG (Gamma Globulin) as part of my treatment. This is an IV infusion that might take 6 hours in the hospital as an outpatient. Doctors usually use this as the last treatment if they don't get a good result with the pills. One treatment is over $5,000. My autoimmune specialist ordered a series of 3 consecutive days/month for 3 months- thats over $45,000 for an outpatient. Thanks God, I have an excellent insurance. I am back to normal last month cpk was 43. You seem to have a lot of different doctors. That's fine but you need to have a main doctor that can coordinate your treatment. Mine was my autoimmune specialist. He ordered the tests necessary to diagnose my condition, sent me to see neuro and other specialist for second opinion but he is the one that look at ALL the results/talk to other doctors to get the right diagnosis BEFORE starting my treatment. Below is a definition of IVIG, just type IVIG for search and you find a lot of information on it.Good luck

What is IVIG?
IVIG refers to Gamma Globulin which is the chemical portion of blood that contains immunoglobulins or antibodies. They are produced by Plasma Cells and are an important part in the Immune Response. There are five different classes of ImmunoGlobulins: IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, and IgE.

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