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Hi Rorie,

I have PM (Polymyositis) so I'm going to try and answer your questions.

1. Myositis are considered inflammatory myopathies. Inflammatory myopathies are diseases of the muscle where there is swelling and loss of muscle. There are four types of Myositis: Polymyositis, Dermatomyositis, IBM and JDM.

Inflammatory myopathies are thought to be autoimmune diseases. All of these diseases can cause muscle weakness, but each type is different.

2. Some early signs of myositis include:

Trouble rising from a chair, climbing stairs, or lifting the arms;
Tired feeling after standing or walking;
Trouble swallowing or breathingMyositis is a rare disease that affects the muscles closest to the trunk. Inflammation

3. Normally, protein is not found in urine when a routine dipstick test is performed. This is because the kidney is supposed to keep large molecules, such as protein, in the blood and only filter out smaller impurities. Even if small amounts of protein do get through, they are normally re-absorbed by the body and used as a source of energy.

4. Complete rheumatic panel done on me, CPK test and then a muscle biopsy.

5. Stress can bring it out...or any other disease. Having a baby is stressful and your immune system is at a low.

I would see a qualified Rheumatologist in your area and have him/her run the rheumatic panel on you along with an antibody panel. The antibody test will let you know if you have anything else running with myositis if that's what you have.

I carry the JO-1 antibody and it's specific for myositis only. It's also a marker for lung disease.


[QUOTE=Rorie]Hello! I've been wondering for two and a half years what is wrong with me, and today my doctor finally said he thinks I may have myositis. I don't know what that is, really. Can you explain:

1) basically what is it? and

2) what your major symptoms are? I mainly have pain/tenderness all over on the right side and I have just started having muscle spasms on the left side.

3) I also have protein in the urine...could that be connected too?

4) Also, how were you diagnosed?

5) My problems started immediately after having a baby. Does that affect it?

My doctor is doing some blood tests and is doing an x-ray because I have a bump on my knee he thinks might be from excessive calcium. Is that a symptom? Then he said he may send me to a neurologist.

I am very interested in this disorder. Anyone want to share their information? Thanks![/QUOTE]

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