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Hi, sorry I can't help with your meds and I'm sorry to here of your condition. Please can you help me. 18months ago my child became seriously ill and we were basically told she had dermtomo.....
Exteme high ck over the 18 months, rash, muscle pain etc. Had EMG that show no doubt that the muscle are dying. Recently had biopsy which did show some eveidence that is connected with Dermo, but they are now saying due to high level of eveidence in her other tests, that the biospy should show more. Plus they found something else so said it is inconclusive. But are spending thousands to send the biopsy to another country to be tested. At the same time they have basically given her the brush off. i don't know what to make of it. she is still very unwell, but told them she feels good as neither of us new what to say. Can you please tell me what your tests were if you dont mind. Thanks so much. Good luck to you.
Thanks for that info! I am now down to 20 mg of prednisone and have lost a little puffiness in the face, but not much. Fortunately, I have not gained any weight (couldn't have afforded for that to happen:) ) and actually lost some. The bad thing is that my skin symptoms starting flaring when I hit the 40 mg dose and they have only gotten worse as I have continued tapering - this even though I am on methotrexate and plaquenil. My muscles are better, but I have traded for inflamed skin. Now I don't know what they are going to do.

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