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[QUOTE=duncan1;3815746]I get/got tinnitus as well and vision problems and muscle aches and twitches but no localized muscle loss that couldn't be explain from a reduction in exercise. It kinda sounds like Lyme Disease to me but it could be something else. Tinnitus suggests neuro involvement. Have you been tested? Any tick bites?

I am really suspicious of myositis as a spontaneously occurring autoimmune disease. In most cases it looks like an infection and the prior history usually suggests a starting point which is what you would expect from infection. In my case Lyme Disease triggered the symptoms and my CK only went high once. I would suggest that you request a month of minocycline to see what happens, if all else fails. The problem with myositis is that if there is an underlying infection, then suppressing the immune system is not a good idea.[/QUOTE]

What is minocycline? My mother's doctor is convinced that she has an autoimmune disease, but has never been able to pinpoint it. Perhaps I have something similar?

My neurologist did an EMG and a nerve conduction study. The latter was fine but the EMG came up "dirty". They did a few more and yet again they came up "Dirty". No real cause though, and I haven't had anymore weakness in two years --- though my feet fall asleep all the time, etc - random things like that. Neuro wanted to do a muscle biopsy "just in case" but we never did.

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