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To make a very long story short ... i started treatment of High Cholestrol (which runs in my family) nearly 12 yrs ago! Well over 300 and ratio's and triglyc were also out of whack. Started on Zocor ... increased doses until that wasn't helping so I was switched to Lipitor (40 mg) .... and had been on that for around 5 yrs. The results were great .. as far as the cholesterol, ratios and trigl (combined with diet and excercise). But over the last few years ... unexplained muscle weakness. Many trips to Orthopedic Dr., family dr., Chiropractor and Massage Therapist .... never with any diagnosis .. all with temporary relief for verious aches, pains and leg cramps! It wasn't until a several months ago that I thought about a possible link to the statins. So I talked to my family doc about that ... and he tested for CPK and sure enough they were elevated! No surprise there!

However ... since then we tested blood work several more time over a period of months ... off lipitor .. on zetia .. off everything ... tests by specialists ... EMG, etc .... no results (which I am happy about) .. but the CPK's all the while remain persistently elevated .. now at around 500 (had been much higher) .. not terribly high but high enough that the doc is concerned. We are baffled!

In the meantime .. my cholesterol went sky high again ... of course ... not being on any medication ... so we are now trying WelChol.

[B]What next or should I ignore the elevated CPK? Maybe some people (like me) just normally have high CPK's. Any thoughts? Has anyone been through similiar situation with the CPK's?[/B]

I have muscular dystrophy. My CPK is always around 500. But...I can hardly walk or get out of a chair. I definitely have a muscle disease.

I remember though, when I first went to a neurologist in 2002 about my weakness. The first thing he asked when he saw my blood work was "Do you have high cholesterol or have you taken any cholesterol medication in the past year or so". These drugs are known to elevate the CPK from what's normal (80-120 I believe)

500 isn't terribly high. Some MDs can result in readings of 15,000 - 20,000. There's something strange at work here. A lot of MD patients complain of increased weakness after they start cholesterol reducing drugs. My cholesterol is 230 but I don't want to start drugs because of this fact. My doctor agrees.

Bottom line: If you are not [I]extremely[/I] weak, above and beyond what you'd consider the "weak" end of normal, I'd not worry just yet. But definitely see a neurologist or local MDA clinic if you're symptoms get worse.

(PS - Myositis is just one of many forms of Muscular Dystrophy).

Best of Luck,

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