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I would like to know that too. I seem to be lossing some hair, and my face is still a bit fat. I bruise so easy that I bumped my legs in Nov. and had to go to the Wound Clinic and was walking around likd a mummy for a month, twice a week..right through Christmas. I now have them healed, but I'm afraid of not bandaging them up, afraid of bumping them again..It takes so little for them to bruise..i do believe since I'm down to 6mgs of prednisone, my legs and hands aren't spliting open like they were before, but my poor hands are so blue. I keep them covered as much as possible..I'm alson on Methotrexate, 8mgs on Wed..that is when I don't take the folic acid, but all other days..
They really don't know what autoimmune disease I have yet I don't think. Seem to think it's polymyalgia R. but then I never have had the pain that you are suppose to have whti it...
Let's keep hoping they finally come up with an answer to all of this, so we can get off the prednisone. My Rheumy call when I had been there the last time and told me to stay on the 6mgs as my sed rate was going!!!
Take care.....Nel
Hi, i know how you feel about wondering if the docs are doing the right thing. I have been feeling that way too, i think i expected to feel a lot better by now, but since reading some of the posts here i realise i was expecting too much too soon. At first i was in denial and just kept trying to do the most i could but then i had to come to the realization that it was making me worse. It is great to be able to talk about it because no one really understands unless they have experienced it themselves. I know my husband doesn't understand. I have given up telling him when i'm exhausted after being dragged to a waterpark with the kids for 6 hours and then having to go out the next day, when all i really want to do is sleep and rest. I suppose i can't expect him to understand, i wouldn't have before i had this. What i find really frustrating is that i can't do as much with the kids as i used to.
Something else i also found out was who my friends really were. We are expats in Singapore so i'm not talking long term friends but newly acquired friends. A couple of them couldn't seem to handle the side effects of the steroid, for example the huge weight gain. One of them accidently sent me an email which was meant for the other of them talking about my weight and it was not very nice. As if i didn't feel bad enough already.:( Anyways needless to say they are not friends anymore and i have lost most of the weight.
My father in law was put onto the methotrexate like yourself and it has done nothing for him either. In fact my MIL says he looks worse and is much slower than before.
Maybe your doc may try another treatment and hopefully that will work for you. I wish you the best of luck.
Sorry for rambling, feels so good to vent.
Take care of yourself. M

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