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I developed the classic violet dermatomyositis rash on my hands about 4 months ago. I also have the 'shawl' rash on my upper chest and upper back. One dermatologist took a surface biopsy which came back as possible lupus. Corticosteroids got rid of the rash on my back. It flared up a second time and only prednisone got rid of it. I was away in Florida and had a bad flareup. Went to another dermatologist who to punch biopsies of my back and hand. Back biposy stated 'possible connective tissue disease' and the finger biopsy came back 'consistent with dermatomyositis'. I was sent for a full blood workup and the only thing that came back out of range was serum myoglobin at 62 mcg/L. From what I see on the internet that is not really out of range either. Back in NY my GP is now sending me to an allergist. As I said my hands show absolutely classic dermatomyositis symptoms. I have no pain, no swelling, no muscle issues, no itching on hand, slight itching on back. The Florida dermatologist wanted me to go for muscle biopsey which my GP thought was a little opver the top. From what I have read the association of dermatomyositis with a higher rate of malignancies scares the heck out of me. I think I will have the cancer screening done for peace of mind.....but I would like any comments you have to offer on an approach to handling all of this. Thanks.

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