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Sorry to hear your going all of this. I was diagnosed with Myositis(active inflammatory myopathy) by muscle biopsy a year ago, all my other tests were negative.
Your experience with how your symptoms progressed are like DITTO to what I feel! Mine too started with my shoulders and neck, an MRI was done on my neck showing "buldging" disks but no nerve involvement, so that wasnt causing my shoulder troubles. The pain in my shoulders and upper arms felt as though the muscle was being ripped off the bone.
Then like you, It progressed to my legs, particulaly my hip flexer muscles, where getting up from a chair proves to be difficult. Now the pain I suffered in my arms, are now in my legs, at the hip and quads like the quad muscle is being ripped off the bone, and they fatigue rather quickly! Im having another EMG/NCS done on the 24th to see what changes can be found.

I was once a very physical person. I Had a very physical job which I loved! Now, my life has changed pretty dramticaly. I had to sell my horse because I could no longer ride, or groom her. I have a very hard time simply throwing a ball back and forth to my son, but I force myself to do it until the pain is too intence.

Ive been out of work since June of last year and now filing for social security. NOT where I thought I'd be so suddenly, at 43! I didnt have any improvement being on prednisone either, not everyone responds to the steriod treatment. I'm still learning the "coping" skills at this point, but feel blessed non the less ,for the things I can STILL do! I sure hope you get some answers soon!

Take care, Stay strong,
and GOd bless,

P.S. I just did a quick search of side effects of Toprol, muscle pain, fatigue, as well as feet and ancle swelling can be side effects. It may be worth a shot to talk to your Doctor about possibly changing your Toprol to a different med, and see if there is any change in your symptoms? Just a thought, it may not take all the pain away, but may help relieve some of it?

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