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I post in the Sjogren's board about my wife and our struggle lately. I figured that I would post here, too, to see what people have to say. Here is the post:


My wife was diagnosed with Sjogren's today. Her anti SSA and anti SSB were both significantly elevated.

Here's the issue. We have also been tenatively diagnosed with dermatomyositis. Her CPK was 2500 initially, after a week of 30 mg of prednisone it went to 895, and after a month, and dropping the pred to 10 mg, went to 189.

The EMG test showed some slight irregularities, however the neurologist stated that her strength was good and he did not feel that an inflammatory myopathy fit. Both neurologist, and rheumatologists, have rated her strength as 5 over 5. She has had no complaint of muscle pain, nor have we noted any atrophy.

Our former rheumatologist was convinced that it was DM because of a slight rash across the back of her knuckles. She also seems to have some slight interstitial lung changes in the back of the lower lobes of her lungs.

In the past she has complained of dry eyes, mouth and nose. Not to a degree that we thought much of it, though.

SO, after a really long winded intro, here is my question:
Can Sjogren's elevate the CPK numbers to that extent? It seems to be the best fit, as the numbers came down much quicker than expected if it was DM.

Also, how is it that Sjogren's can cause ILD? Is it correlated to the decreased moisture?


Can anyone give some input that might clarify what is going on?


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