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I too went through this cpk was in the 7000s liver enzymes were at 150 and my cardiac enzymes triponin? Was a little elevated I was having a very slow heartbeat and I was oblivious until I made a visit to the clinic for some blood work because every hospital in nc said it was anxiety and nothing was wrong followed up with my primary and they told me run to the er. Now I had blood taken several times before this incident and no one found anything however felt horrible for 3 days before they did. Does this mean it wasn't accumulating? Because how can the 2 not be related...I drank a lot of caffeine and red bull and worked out solidly but nothing CRAZY just one time for that week. I'm 21 so they were surprised I've always and I mean always been very active in sports insanity workout eating healthy so it's nothing I did to myself but my MRI came back fine my rheumatologist is stumped I've heard muscle biopsys are hit and miss and I'm afraid to do anything whether it's having a glass of whine or a pushup due to impatience I have been testing the waters a glass once a week very lit(barely nothing) exercise ..but I can't live like this my heart echoes came back perfect as well I only smoked pot no pills no drinking I'm afraid to do that to now...ugh any ideas I want to prevent another attack but how if every doctor I see is oblivious I'm thinking it must have been something I did and don't know maybe I was dehydrated for a week or have a slight allergy to caffeine even though I had a bold coffee from Starbucks with 4 espresso shots a week prior and am a caffeineaholic..

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