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I've heard of the antibiotic treatment and discussed it with my family doctor and rheumatologist and a doctor who specializes in complex diagnosis here.

Basically, sometimes myositis is caused by an infection, such as Lyme disease. If that is what caused your DM, antibiotics [B]might [/B]help make the DM go away by making the Lyme (or whatever) disease go away.

But if your DM was caused by something else, some unknown virus or chemical or whatever, antibiotics won't help. Even if your DM was caused by a bacterial infection, getting rid of the bacteria might not make the DM go away.

If your blood tests show signs of infection, or if you have symptoms of infection, they probably would have already tried antibiotics, but you should ask about it anyways.

Good luck though. Something like 20% of DM cases go into long term remission and the DM doesn't return for a very long time, if ever. Maybe you'll be lucky like that!

(BTW, prednisone and methotrexate both cause hair loss. When you stop them, or go to very low doses, the hair regrows. So maybe [I]some [/I]of your lost hair will return.)

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