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Re: High cpk
Aug 6, 2009
I have never actually had a biopsy to confirm the myo, but because of the duration and symptoms, 2 of my docs agree that I have it. I go through periods of time that walking feels like my legs are moving through thick syrup and the muscles burn after walking just a short distance. I had higher than normal CPK result, and we attribute it to the myo. I also have calcium deposits around my orbital bones under my eyes, and tannish brown, shiny bumps that occur on my legs, feet and hands. The gp, neuro and rheumy chalk all the strange stuff to neurological damage, fibromyalgia which one of the docs will describe as poly myosistis, arthritis/degenerative joint disease, and degenerative disc disease just to name the highlights. I get tested every three months to keep an eye on the cpk levels, and if they go up, am retested every couple of weeks. So long as they drop, they just maintain me on the meds I am taking for "the junk" I already have. Have you had your thyroid, vitamin D, and iron levels checked? All three are know to wipe you out physically and leave you feeling like you have mono. If you are having a rash across your neck or face, it might be a sign for lupus. Auto immune issues seem to go along with neurological dysfunction from what I have see of the patients at my neuro and rheumy's office. It has taken 4 years to correctly diagnose and start thorough treatment for myself! We are still watching my symptoms as I have most of the ones for MS and lupus, but fortunately my blood levels are ok and I only have one spot on my brain. Take care!
Mim Gregg

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