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[QUOTE=trouble222;4201452]Hi, When I was 28yrs. old I came down with an unknown disease. I suffered but had to keep going as I had three kids. I have a couple of questions, does this disease go into remission? Can it come back and just attack the breathing. about three years ago I was dx with PMR. Sed rate and inflamatory was high and put on prednisone. This is the meds that cured my other disease. Oh yes, one of the doctors I went to back when I was younger was trying to dx me with this disease thought that this was I had.
Do either of you have breathing problems? I feel like no matter what I do nothing works. I have a lot more wrong with me but will not get into that now.
any info would be greatly appreciated.

I was diagnose with the condition in 2008. Things has not improve the way i hope. My cpk is still very high and i am weaker now than i could remember. I fell a few times with falling on my face and doing major damage. I am being optimistic because things could be worse. I could be in a wheelchair or could not do anything on my own. You should consider buying turmeric it is an alternative medicine as well boswella. I have been using that along some other products. I figure i work to get my body back to normal. Eating well is very important. Try to strict to eating lots of vegetables especially half to be raw. Fruits are important. Toss the refine sugars and white carbs including potatoes. If i eat potatoes i eat a small portion. Try to move as often as your body permits you but if you need to rest and you can you should do it. Also lots of water.Hop this advise is essential.

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