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Re: Looking
Jul 29, 2010
Just finished reading your post. I was diag in 1995 with polymyositis, I had an EMG, blood work and biopsy of muscles in arm and leg. I was in my 40's then. I ended up on prednisone for 12 years. I found it really hard to function otherwise. I first took Immuran, side effect for me, cancer and had a hysterectomy because of that drug. Then I went on methatrexate, it can cause liver and kidney damage, and the combination of drugs can due a number on the bones. Now 15 years later, I only take pain meds -MS contin, which is slow realease morphine. I have tried very hard when I am feeling better to keep the doses low. I live in Ontario, the weather is humid, and the winters cold, and that has a bad effect of my muscles. I developed psoratic artheritis in 2008 and osteo in my neck, spine and lower back. This can be a very bad disorder and even though my CPK-blood levels have never been very high, I have alot of muscle damage in the past 15years. It sure can be hard to live with this illness. I am now 63, a recent widow, and have a large home and all the errands to do on my own. This illness got so bad that I was not able to work anymore. I have learned that everyone with polymyositis seems to be different, some have no pain, some have severe muscle weakness, some develop lung involvement and some even pass away. I joined a support group on the internet when I first got this illness, two of the women in the group died, one at 29 the other at 54. I know that I am one of the lucky ones, and I hope that you are too, to try and get a handle on this illness. I think maybe some stretching exercise, good diet, try to have a positive outlook does help some. best to you

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