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2/2/11 - Full physical - Dr ordered various tests + CPK {stopped Lipitor 6/2010} - prescribed Lexapro {I had been on previously}
CPK level came back slightly elevated - 268 - requested retest. With the exception of Cholestrol {slightly elevated} All other tests normal, liver, kidneys, ekg, blood pressure - decided not to resume Lipitor - started exercise walking program.
Retested 2/24/11 - CPK level - 991 - requested retest.
Retested 3/3/11 - CPK level - over 11,000
Dr. called Sunday {3/6/11} when these results came back from Lab - told me to go to ER immediately - fearing Kidney Failure.
Went to ER 6PM 3/6/11 - multitude of tests - resulting in the following elevated levels:
CPK-MB - 8.1 {high}
CMP Bun/Creatinine - 11 {low}
AST - 66 {high}
CPK w CKMB - 3045

No Chest Pain, No Supplements, No previous or current drug use {w/ exception of 10mg Lexapro daily}. I eat an extremely healthy diet and drink over a gallon of water a day {no other liquids w/ the exception of 2 cups coffee in morning}.

Kidney, Liver, Heart, Lungs, EKG, Blood Pressure {along w/ multitude of other blood, urine, xrays} all fine.

ER Doctor said Lexapro can cause elevated CPK levels, but I cannot find any correlation online.

Also stated that "extreme exercise" can also elevate CPK - but I am only walking on Treadmill approx. 60 minutes / 5 days a week and taking Yoga classes - not "strenuous" - yes, I break into a sweat, but I can talk easily while exercising.

ER released me last night and I have contacted my regular DR office for further instructions - but of course, my regular Dr {20 yrs} is on vacation - and I am waiting for a response from "on-call" physician.

Can Lexapro cause elevated CPK levels to this extreme?

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