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Hello everyone!! My muscle biopsy has just come back and the suspected Polymyotosis was confirmed on Thursday. I have been put on 60 mg prednisone per day, along with pms-risedronate 35 mg/1 per week, metropotolol 50 mg/2 day, apo-hydro 50mg/day, spiriva, vitaline 2 puffs/day, and ventoline 5 puffs/day. The polymyositis has to this point affected my legs, arms, neck, trunk area, diaphragm and heart palpitations, and my swallowing and vocal cords are just now being affected.

I have now been on the prednisone for only 5 days, and am getting the side effects of sleeplessness, increased hunger, jitters, sweats, and mood swings, but I have yet to notice any improvements as far as my muscles go. Was wondering how long it took for any of you to get the effects from the muscles where you feel you can at least start to feel useful and/or more independent in performing life's simple daily tasks? Like getting up from the toilet, taking a bath, putting on socks, just bending over to get dressed, or to make your bed, or even to pick up stuff you've dropped on the floor.

I realize this cannot be cures, but was wondering if I'll ever be able to do simple things on my own again, and in what time frame.

It may seem that I want things to be good now, (which would be awesome) but am really looking for a guideline to base myself from people going through the same thing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and sending me your response if possible.

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