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About a month and a half ago, I slammed my middle finger in a door. It immediately turned a dark purple and swelled up, but went down in about a week. After, about 75% of the nail remained the same color. Although the nail grew in length, it remained that color.

Now, the nail is beginning to lift/peel from the nail bed. I'm not surprised, as there wasn't much of a cuticle on that nail for it to begin with. I took a peek under the nail from where it is lifting and don't see another nail under it, just a bunch of what looks like dried blood. It doesn't hurt and isn't oozing or anything.

Is my nail going to grow back underneath it? Like I said, I don't see anything. How long will it take before my nail looks "normal"? Is it possible something won't grow back. I'm supposed to get engaged within the next year, and if I'm stuck with no fingernail on that hand, I'm going to be heartbroken lol

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