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I was getting my acrylic nails filled for about 3 months until one day after I got them filled, I noticed my cuticles were very itchy. I tried to ignore it but my cuticles also started swelling, and under my nails started pussing with tiny blisters.

After doing research, I realized I may have been having an allergic reaction to the acrylic nails; so I went back to my nail tech to get them soaked off ASAP.

But now I'm extremely sad because I loved my acrylic nails. I have low iron so it's hard for my natural nails to grow long and strong. Is there any other nail enhancement I can put on my nails without getting the reaction? I heard the dipping gel may not cause any reaction. Has anyone tried this before? Thanks!
HI there. I have had the same thing happen, only mine happens if I use the gel, not the acrylic. Allergies can happen at any time. I have used gel polish without any reaction, but using Gel drip- directly on the nail bed- has resulted in the same thing you described.

Look into SNS nails. Its another protective coating, more like a powder they paint on, which is all natural and doesnt have chemicals in it. I found a salon who does this and its been a blessing! My nails are hard as rocks, like when I used acrylic, but this doesnt have the chemicals which damage your nails.

Youll have to hunt to find a salon who does this- its a relatively new can call the company and ask for the closest location in your city.
Good luck!

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