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Hi everyone! Let's get right to it.

I'm 24 and have quite a childish habit; I bite my nails and chew my fingers. I have since I was about 9 years old. Throughout the years I have gotten infections that almost always cleared on their own. If it was bad, I would soak my finger is warm salt water and let it drain. But this one is sticking with me. It's been about between 2-3 weeks since it's started in my middle finger. I soaked and soaked and about after a week it finally drained some. The swelling went down and it was (seemed to be at least) healing. What was odd was that the skin that swelled kind of peeled off a little, almost like after a sunburn. But after a day or two after draining it was almost to normal size and healing.

Yesterday it got big again, a little bigger than before. I smacked my hand at work (I work in a convince store, very high paced and working with my hands and money) and since then it's been very painful and swollen. It's very sensitive to even air sometimes but I don't think there's any more pus to be drained, it almost seems like it's trapped blood. For the record its hard, but no warmth, and a dark reddish color, almost like a bruise? It's reminds me of a deep blood blister, if that makes sense. It also throbs, and feels achey

Anyway, I'm a tad freaked out and just want to get some opinions on what to do if there is anything to do/if it's actually still an infection or an injury to an already sensitive area or if it's left over blood/yucky from before.

(Side note: my boyfriends dad's girlfriend is a nurse and I'm going to see her in the very near future. I just moved to a different area and have no doctor set up yet so my only option is ER and I'm just covering all ground before going)

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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