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I have been using vinegar on my big toenail for about 3 months and I have nearly 1/2" of new healthy nail. I had been using vicks, which helped, but the fungus moved to the other side of the nail. It had been mostly down the right side and it moved across. Also I think that mostly it makes the nail look better because it moisturizes it.

But then I apply vinegar daily. You apply it to the base and supposedly as new nail grows out, it is too acidic or something for the fungus to live in it. I have also been putting tea tree oil on the affected part, but I'm not sure that is doing much as the treatment really needs to get to the fungus under the nail. But I keep cutting away as much of the affected part as possible and applying tea tree oil on the exposed skin. I'm not that diligent about that though.

I even covered up the nail with a large fake thumbnail for nearly 2 weeks while on vacation and it didn't cause the fungus to spread. I was still able apply vinegar to the base. FYI: I found a nail glue at target that was meant for you to be able to peel off nails easily without a solvent so you could switch nails whenever you wanted. I planned to remove the nail every night, but I didn't end up doing that often because the bottle leaked in the flight and got everything sticky making it a messy job.

I suspect the important thing is to keep treating the nail long after it looks like the fungus is gone to make sure it is gone.
You said you applied a nail over the top. Are you able to paint your nails with polish? Thanks!
> You said you applied a nail over the top. Are you able to paint your nails with polish? Thanks!

I do now, because it is pretty much cured. But I didn't then because it was pretty nasty looking. Polish wouldn't have helped. And I kept cutting as much of the bad part off as I possibly could so there wasn't that much nail to paint. That is why I put the fake nail on top. I didn't leave it on all the time though.

I imagine that if you paint your nail, the already infected part would get worse. But the way the vinegar treatment works is that the new growth can't be infected, so it is fine no matter you do to the rest.
I totally agree. Vinager works to cure toe nail fungus. Toe nails are dead tissue so what is already damaged cannot be fixed HOWEVER by applying vinager 2 times a day (morning and night ---every 12 hours) at the base (cuticle) 2 drops rub it in, the acid in the vinager prohibits the growth of fungus into the new tissue that is formed that day. It takes a while to see the results because your nailbed is quite deep and the new nail grows from deep inside and is not visible for some time---but it definately helps. My big toe nail has had fungus for 6 years and it was thick, and seperating from my nail bed. I have been doing the vinager for 6 months now and it had grown about 70% clear and new, and from the base where it was once seperated and deformed it is now nice and flat.
For those of you who have this problem beleive me it works. [ [b] REMOVED - do not post any kind of information to find a site not allowed to be posted here [/b] ] There are literally thousands of testimonials from people who have cured nail fungus with cheap, safe plain old 5% acetate vinager. Don't beleive others (some on this board) that say vinager will not help. I beleived them at first and took the advice of buying some other garbage that did not work.
It only took about 3 months for me. I still have some nail that isn't perfectly smooth. But my nails have always grown really fast.

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