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[QUOTE=runnergirl]Please, help me! I am literally running out of patience. Two years ago, I went for a pedicure. The pedicurist took her metal tools and jabbed them into my cuticles along the side of my big toe. First, an infection. Took Cipro. Next, a fungus. Took Lamisil - for 5 months! Then, a hematoma, caused by someday stepping on it very hard. This poor big toe has gone through so much! Now, it has lifted from the bed and my podiatrist removed most of the toenail (only about 20% of my toenail remains). The rest of the nail bed looks so scary - like it has flakes on it and is bright, fleshy pink. I try to take great care of it, but sometimes it hurts. What else can I do??? It has been two years, and still an impaired, ugly toenail. The nail bed looks raised and like a bump closest to the cuticle. How can I encourage it to grow back and to be normal after all these problems? Thanks![/QUOTE]

Wear shoes that do not pinch the toes together or cause undue pressure to the surface of the nails. If you run, you will have to stop for a while because this excercize is the hardest on the toes and the nails. If the lifted portion of the nail plate has been removed, the skin you are seeing is the delicate tissues of the nail bed. You will have to protect the nail bed from further damage, so I suggest wreapping it with gauze when you wear shoes. Do NOT cover the gauze with a bandaid or any other form of tape. Cut the gauze so yuo can tie it to the toe to keep it in place. Using tape of any sort or a bandaid will trap moisture and that is just what bacteria or fungal spores need to grow. You might also want to apply a bit of anti-bacterial ointment to the delicate, sensitive skin.

Since the damaged portion of nail was removed, it can take the nail root (matrix) from 6 months to a year to completely replace the nail plate. Remember, toenails grow at a much slower rate than fingernails!

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