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[QUOTE=cb50]OH. Awhile back, you had advised someone to go to Sally's and buy some botanical oil and put it on the nails to help them, so I went right out and bought a bottle myself. Are you saying this isn't doing a thing for me now??[/QUOTE]

No, that's not what I am saying. What I am saying is that products that 'claim' to speed nail growth or to make you nails thicker cannot legally make those claims unless they are prescription medications. Nail strengtheners will make the nails 'appear' harder because they contain formaldehyde that acts to dry out the nails and make them less flexible.

Botanical oil will help to 'feed' the nail plate with much needed oils and moiisture which help make the nail plate 'tough'. Toughness is a combination of strength and flexibility which is natural to the nail plate. Toughness equates to a nail that will bed under pressure without breaking or snapping off.

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