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i started adding apple cider vinegar to my toe nails that have nail fungus on and it appears that it turned them alot more yellow now... =/ i add it 2 times a day but i dont add alot. so is it suppose to turn your nails more yellow before anything or what? i wished i could get rid of this because i been wanting to be able to wear flip flops for a while now since ive had nail fungus for a while and i decided to try this vinegar thing... someone help me! :[

-i just started about a week ago and it appears that they got more yellow when the sun light hits it, indoors some look fine but when i go out in the sun they look yellow and ugly, ugh..
You have to use white vinegar not apple cidar vinegar.
well i think im going to stick with the vinegar and see how it goes, and also i heard that it depends on how fast your nail grows in order for it to clear up. now wat i was wondering was that is there anything to help the nail grow quicker? and if you use it will it have any effect no the fungus?

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