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HI...I have had nail fungus on and off for years. I originally used oral Lamisil which did get rid of it, but because of the side effects, I do not want to take it again. Well, it's years later and the fungus has been back for about a year now. I started out using Dr. G's which was very good but expensive. especially since you have to use it for a long time. THen I tried vinegar but that didn't work for me. I have now been using Vicks Vapor Rub which is amazing. I have been using it for a few months now, and my nails are coming in clear . It can also be used when polish is on...I just got a pedicure and could see the new healthy nail...and I have been using it over my polish. It's very easy...take a q-tip and put some vicks on it and put it all around the nail...not on the nail but around it. Do this at least in the morning and evening...I try to apply it at least 2-4 times a day.

Good luck!
[QUOTE=silver515].... THen I tried vinegar but that didn't work for me. I have now been using Vicks Vapor Rub which is amazing.

Interesting you say that; vinegar doesn't seem to be working for me either. I'm also using 'Thursday Plantation - Tea tree anti-fungal nail solution', but that makes my cuticles peel and is also relatively expensive at over 7 for a small bottle.
I have found out with using vinegar you have to use it for 6 weeks before even seeing a slight improvement. I'm going to try the Vick's . Thanks.
[QUOTE=shai`anne]I have found out with using vinegar you have to use it for 6 weeks before even seeing a slight improvement. I'm going to try the Vick's . Thanks.[/QUOTE]

I must have been using vinegar for at least six weeks and, if anything, my nail is worse.
Gonna try vicks - didn't see ANY difference soaking in vinegar & cleaning gunk out 2-3 times weekly.

Vicks is STRONG, so it could probably kill anything
[QUOTE=Alicia_B]Good for you if it's working already, but I have my doubts that it can have an effect that quickly.

Please keep us updated.[/QUOTE]
I have already been using vinegar for a while and I was only using it 8 days and the bumps on my nails were getting smoother. Now I have no bumps in my nails at all. The fungus is still under the nail but the top is smoothed out. I don't know if its from the chemicals in the vicks softening my nail of what.
I have been using apple cider vinegar (5% acidity) with good results on one nail. But the drawback is that you have to apply it at least every day and you can't forget even once. Also I read it takes up to 7 months. I just finished four months. I was able to get the vinegar under the nail each time and often two times a day. Last week the ugly fungus nail came off, with a little bending and then cutting of soft tissue at the base of the nail. Getting the nail off did not hurt, except when I was tearing some of the soft tissue. That was the reason I then decided to do some cutting...and that didn't hurt either. Underneath there is a healthy nail, so I'm going to keep applying the vinegar. I was surprised to see it there; I mean the healthy nail. For it was pink like the skin and I didn't see it until now. I hope you don't mind the details...just that I find it fascinating that this has done so well...kind of like a science experiment.

I've had these ugly nails for way too long. I got one more to go. That other one hasn't done as well, because I was not able to get the vinegar underneath the nail. When it grows out more, I'll make sure that I can get the vinegar under.

I do also have Vicks Vapor Rub too. But I decided to start with the vinegar first. I'm glad to hear that Vicks works so well, for if this vinegar treatment doesn't do exactly what I hoped, then I'll follow that method. Thanks for sharing the information! :)
I have had fungus in a big toenail for about 4 years now. I tried Vicks a couple of years ago. I thought it turned my nail black and didn't help me with the fungus. Last fall, I cut the nail way back to remove the loose part...about 2/3 of it. I used the vinagar without fail daily. I really thought I was making progress after several months but then the nail started showing discoloration again and now is very loose and is going to shed again. I am sooo tired of this! I am wondering if anything will get rid of it permanently. I have tried Vicks, Vinegar, Bleach and Reclear (I think that's the name)and bottom line, none have worked. This is the third time that my nail is coming off...There is always some new nail growing underneath and at least this time, my nail didn't turn black.
I am a researcher of scientific information by profession, and I have been looking into the toenail fungus problem for a while now. I suffer from it like most of the readers/posters here.

Here's a summary of where I am in understanding how to best treat this problem.

1) Lamisil and other oral prescription drugs -- If you can afford it and do not have liver problems, it is pretty much the consensus of the medical establishment that this is the way to go.

I actually have a liver condition so I was initially told that I could not take lamisil or sporanox. But I read up on it, and convinced my doctor that weekly liver enzyme tests could prevent any serious damage (this is how desperate I was to gain back normal looking toenails). I took lamisil for 3 months and it miraculously cured the problem -- BUT the toenail fungus came back after about 6 months. So I took it again for 3 months but this time it was not nearly as effective. About 2 years later I took sporanox for 3 months and the same story, not that great. I really regret not knowing about any of the home remedies (vinegar, Vicks, etc) the first time I took lamisil, when it worked the best -- I think the combination treatment of systemic lamisil + anything topical could have staved off the return of the fungus for a lot longer.

2) Warnings about possibility of liver damage when taking lamisil, sporanox or any other oral systemic antifungal drug -- the FDA folks know what they're doing so please heed their warnings. This is only my experience for the benefit of others reading this. I have hepatitis B, and I took lamisil for 3 months, twice. Then I also took sporanox for 3 months. They say people with hepatitis should not take these medications, and I am sure they are right for virtually all hepatitis carriers. However, my experience is that my liver was tested once for baseline before taking the drug(s) and then once a week for the whole time that I was on the drugs, and for 1 month thereafter -- and my liver tests showed no abnormality or change. In fact, my liver enzyme and viral load (undetectable) are the best they have ever been after taking all those drugs. This may be a testament to my overall good health and my liver's good health other than the inactive hepatitis, so I probably got lucky. But if you do not have such counter-indications, drugs like lamisil or sporanox may give you a great start in treating or curing toenail fungus, and then you can maintain the cure with the other alternative remedies discussed on this Board.

3) I have seen reports of limited clinical testing of Vicks, which is more than what you can say about most other alternative treatments for toenail fungus. Apparently, there is some scientific/clinical merit to use of Vicks on toenail fungus. However, the thing about the nails turning temporarily brown or black seems to be true for many users, eventually. I have seen that side effect mentioned many times.

4) A development that has me most hopeful is the recent news that many pharmaceutical companies are in testing (Phase I or II) for topical formulations of lamisil, lamisil + another active drug, and others. [[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]]

The companies are now trying to formulate and deliver already approved antifungal or fungicide drugs directly to the site of fungal infection (nail, nail bed, etc.) with better penetration additives, so I really expect smooth sailings for these clinical trials. Don't know why they did not think of doing that first since that seems safer than the oral route of delivery. It sounds to me like these new topical medicines may become available within the next several years. To me, this is great news since the really good antifungal agents could then be used without worrying about potential systemic side effects like liver damage.

5) In the meantime, there is some decent scientific clinical evidence that urea gel/cream + ciclopirox (Penlac) works OK. Penlac is the only FDA-approved topical treatment for nail fungus, so combining that with the penetrating effect of urea makes a lot of sense. The researchers who studied the combined effect reported improved results.

Bottom line, I think the new topical medicines (likely to be prescription drugs) that may become available within the next few years should give us many more options.

As for me, I have never tried any of the alternative remedies like vinegar, tea tree oil or Vicks but I will be doing so until the new topical medicines become available. I will likely use a combination of urea gel + Penlac with vinegar pretreatment or some other alternative remedy.

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