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Hey! I have had problems with my nails for a while... Im 15 years old almost 16. I have 4 effected fingernails and 1 effected toenail. All the nails are at different stages. They are all very bumpy...kind of like a thimble. Two finger nails are sufficiently thicker and so is the toenail. i have seen a walk in clinic doctor and she said it was a nail fungus. I was perscibed Lamisil. She took samples and over a month later called and said the lad tested negative for a fungus. The lamisil made one nail a little less thick but not really. I was considering it to be either a a yeast infection or nail psoriasis? Please help! Thanks
Nail psoriasis is characterized by apparent nail plate thickening and tiny 'pindot' depressions in the nail plate. Is this what you mean my "bumpy"?
It's nail psoriasis all right - you might do a search for nail psoriasis on the internet and see what you can find in terms of treatment(s).
Once the nails are psoriatic, there is nothing you can do to make them 'normal' again. Nail psoriasis will eventually effect all of your nails and maybe even the toenails. I would see if there is anything your dermatologist can prescribe to help it, but there isnothing that will 'cure' it that I know of.

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