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Chronic nailbiting
Jul 9, 2006
I am a chronic nailbiter.I bite my nails so far down that I literally take whatever nail is left and chew it until it bleeds and the nail part tears off.I know,gross.The embarrassing part of this is that people are always seeing my nails and ask what happens.Does anybody have any suggestions on the grossest thing out there to put on them?I was a hand model for manicures only because the manager had seen my nails and wanted to see if it was possible to put acrylic on them.It was possible except I wasn't to have any "open"sores on them{gross,i know}.After a few days of the nails,my fingers started to hurt badly and I had to clip them off carefully but the nail underneath would peel.I feel that enough is enough and try and grow decent nails so I can feel proud.I have put on the nailbiter stuff but only works for so long.I even put tea tree oil on them but they stung and burned.Suggestions?

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