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Sounds funny to me that she cannot diagnosis the problem. When a physician takes a scraping of the debris that accumulates from a suspected fungus infection and grows a culture in a petri dish, it takes several weeks. One cannot determine true fungal infection just by looking or by taking a few clippings from the nail. Fungal spores cannot be seen purely by magnification.

Horizontal ridging is not normally characteristic for fungal infection. Tea Tree oil will not 'thin' the nail plate; it will only temporarily reduce the amount of moisture within the nail plate as well as act as a 'natural' antiseptic.

Is the nail plate separated from the nail bed? Have you tried using vinegar on the effected nails?

First, I apologize for asking these same questions again but need answers. 8 of my toe nails are thick and dark brown/black in color. So thick they can't be cut with a regular toe nail clipper. Two of my fingernails are going in the same direction. It's really embarrassing.

I've visited several doctors and they each say it is nail fungus and suggested Lamisil but I declined b/c of possible side effects.

I've read many of the posts here but am not sure whether to use Vicks, Vinegar, or Tea Tree Oil or all at the same time. Will you share your insights?
What's the best (or easiest) way to determine if nail fungus is caused by a fungal or bacteria infection?



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