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Does the white cumbly part start at teh cutilce and go to the middle of the nail plate, or is it from the middle to the free edge? I'm not sure what you mean by the "top". You said the surface was bumpy - are there tiny pin dot depressions in the nail plate? If so, you may have aquired nail psoriasis as this is characteristic of that disorder. So is the 'crumbly' nail plate when you try to cut it.

If the white started at the free edge and slowly has made its way back toward the cuticle, you may have aquired a yeast infection (candida) from the technician using dirty or otherwise contaminated instruments, files, etc. If you see any nail dust or any other type of 'stuff' on her implements or files, please ask her to use clean ones on you; it is the law in most all the 50 states that the technician is to use individual files on each client and not use the same files on everyone. They are supposed to wash and sanitize everything in between clients adn this takes a minimum of 10 minutes to perform properly.

As for the black line, she may have pushed back the cutilces to oagressively and caused a inor trauma to the nail plate that has the black line in it. If it looks like a tiny splinter under the surface, it may just be a splinter hemorrhage. If so, it will grow out with the nail plate, but remember, it can take up to a year for a toenail to completely replace itself as they are VERY slow growing.

If the other black spots are actually round or irregularly round 'spots', it could be a pseudomonas bacterial infection from the technician using contaminated or dirty files, instruments or implements.
[QUOTE=dawnderella]I am searching for what this may be and I think I may have nail fungus but, I am not sure. Browsing through these topics it sounds like I came to the right place for an answer. On both of my big toes I have bright white discoloration and it's "rough" sandpaper like (not smooth like a normal nail). That is from the middle to the top of each nail. There is no yellow or thickness. But, when I clip them, it crumbles aparts. Then on my left big toe I have a black line underneath the toenail at the base and it looks like one starting on the right big toe at the same exact spot as the right side. I haven't tried any treatments because I wasn't sure what it was before and I just noticed the black spot a few months ago and thought it was a bruise. Well, now I suspect it is not a bruise since it is not growing out and I am getting one on the other toe also. I never had any problems until I started going to this one salon for pedicures, I guess I got some kind of infection from there :rolleyes: Please help and tell me how I can get rid of this, it is so gross!!!![/QUOTE]
I have gotten rid of this fungus by using Thymme essential oils at the base and try to get it under the nail twice a day. You can buy it at a Health or Whole Foods store. If it's really bad try ingesting the thymme by putting it in a capsule with some Organic Olive OIl. I know it sounds weird but try this before taking medication since those have been known to cause liver and heart damage.

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