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Hello everyone!
I'm not new to the boards, but am new to this area. I posted several weeks ago with a question, and although over 100 people read my post, no one answered.

I am now asking a question about the same nail. My big toenail, right foot started turning purple/bruised looking a couple months ago. I don't recall any injury, am not a runner and wear shoes that fit properly. This purple/bruised area goes from the far medial side of the toenail, to just over half way. It is from where the nail meets the toe and goes all the way to the white end. In the past couple of weeks, the part of the toenail that is bruised has started thickening and has become more ridged than the rest of my nail. It is also lifting in the entire area that appears bruised. There is no bad odor, but it does feel almost as if I am getting an ingrown nail on the medial side which is now starting to look red-ish. There is what seems to be dried blood under the nail in the part that is lifting. Also, the bruised side of the nail seems to be growing more "curved" like growing into the side of my nail bed which might be the reason for the pain? I'm just not sure.

I have been putting alcohol on the surface and under the nail too just in case it is some kind of fungal thing.

I am really affraid that my toenail is going to catch on something and tear not only in the area that is lifted, but might tear into the part still attached to the nail bed. Should I cut the lifted part back, or leave it as is? Or should I see a podiatrist about this?

Please, if anyone has some information or advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Have a great day!

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