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Re: Nail treatment
Feb 18, 2007
Hi, Marti.

Well, I tried the Toughen Up for a few days, but didn't like it. It rubbed off. ?? It didn't seem like a normal polish. It it like CND's Sticky? That one is to be used immediately under a polish. I wonder if Toughen Up is the same.

So, now my question to you is this: what do you think of Nutra Nails products? Specifically their Green Tea Growth Treatment and their Maximum Growth Biotin Formula? That one got my interest, as it has biotin in it.

While it does say you'll get 'stronger' nails in five days (sure...), it also says "resilient nails that bounce back with strength instead of breaking." Just what one wants, right?

I probably got suckered into buying it after what I read. This is something you massage onto the nail/cuticle. I have no idea if whatever is in it will actually penetrate the nail like Solar Oil. But, oh well. I still want to get your opinion on that Maximum Growth Biotin Formula thing.


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