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Hi. I hope you can provide me with some info. About 3 toenails on my right foot started to thicken and get deep horizontal ridges. One toenail, in particular, is affected. The nail on this toe appears to be slightly lifted or higher than normal on the nail bed. It is completely attached. I went to my dermatologist to see if I had a fungal infection. (I get periodic pedicures and thought this might have been the cause of the problem) He took a culture and it came back negative. He said that it looked to him like I had injured the nails. I then remembered that I had hit one of the toenails by walking into a bedpost. The nail bled briefly and the toenail area was sore for about a week. Then the pain went alway. I thought nothing of it. But, later, the nail thickening, lifting, etc. started. The nails never got dark and never got loose. They just have ridges and the one nail also appears much thicker and is lifted higher than usual from the bed. My question is - will this improve? Do I just wait for it to get better? How does it get better? Is it just a matter of the nail needing to completely grow out? Can I do anything to soothe the nail/nailbed to perhaps speed the process (i.e.- soak it in warm, epsom salted water, apply moisturizer, etc)? The nail(s) do not hurt but they do not look normal. The one nail is really unattractive. I'd appreciate any feedback I can get. Thank you!

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