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[QUOTE=Marti;2971629]Since the fungal spores live deep within the soft tissues of the nail bed AND teh nail plate, you won't get rid of them by trying to cut away your skin. You woul dhave to cut deep into the flesh and I don't think you could stand to remove that much skin - it would be too bloody:(

Keep them clean and dry, keep the nail plate short and apply your medication at least twice daily, or according to the instructions for the treatment you are using.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your response.

I also had the same question!! I filed the fungus down on my big toenail, and I'm so afraid that I may have ruined the nailbed from too much filing. It is very thin with some white vertical ridges (probably fungus?). Is it not possible to file off the nailbed? If so, that would be a huge relief because I thought I would only have half a toe for the rest of my life. Is it OK to put the vinegar/AF solution on the very thin skin where the nailbed is filed? Also, am I OK to do swimming/running/etc. with this - or will it damage what is left of the nailbed further? I don't think I filed it [I]that[/I] much, but I feel so stupid for doing this. My toenail looks uglier than ever.

Also, I am applying treatment to my other toes, and I notice that they either have stopped growing or continue to grow in with the fungus. Is there anyway to prevent this? Or am I stuck with this for life; I have had this for a long time now.

Last, what does a damaged nailbed look like? How do you tell if you have damaged it. Or, as you were saying, would your nail have to be bleeding etc. and it is very difficult to damage. I hope that is the case, and that it can't be damaged from filing. Does hardened skin grow over it?

Thanks for all of your help; I appreciate it. At least your last response helped to calm me down, a little.

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