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I've seen something [B]so[/B] strange- I'm going to start at the beginning.

Last year I noticed a dark spot on the toenail (largest toe) on my right foot. The spot was in the lowest right corner (from my view), on the opposite end from the tip. I freaked out because I thought I had a fungus, but when I asked my mothers opinion, she stated that it was probably not a fungus, but a bruise.

So, I waited for it to grow out. I watched over the past several months as the dark spot moved further and further up my toenail.

Fast forward to the start of this summer. It's flip flop season, and I have to expose my toes. I find a nail polish color dark enough to cover it, and am thrilled.

However, I decided the other day to give myself a pedicure, and change the color. As I am cutting my toenails, I notice that the dark spot is pretty close to the tip now. I decide to cut the nail down low, and clean under the tip with the pointy edge of a nail file. I know this probably was not a smart idea, but I got carried away.

I dug further and further until I was pleased to have somehow pulled out a little dark brown spot. Weird right? It gets worse...

I'm looking at it disgusted (I'm extremely girly and cannot stomach things such as this), when I noticed it MOVE. I kid you not. It shifted to the left a bit.

At this point, I freeze, horrified. Instead of cleaning it off my toe, I stare with my mouth hanging open, thinking that my eyes have decieved me. BUT WAIT...

Before I could react, that little brown spot WENT BACK UNDER MY NAIL!!! I swear, I am not lying. It was so bizarre, I started pinching myself thinking I was having a nightmare or something, but I was wide awake. I started to cry hysterically of course... I don't think anyone would love the idea of something MOVING underneath their toenail.

I stared at my toenail, in disbelief, but the black spot was gone.

I researched about toenail fungus. I soaked my foot in bleach. I applied tee tree oil to the nail. I basically freaked out.

Now, the toenail is starting to look dark again in that area! (I knew I wasn't dreaming). SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!! What is this??? Has anyone ever heard of this before? I'm scared to go to my doctor for fear he may think I am insane.:confused:


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