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Nail bed receding
Sep 22, 2007
After using artificial nail glue for a long time, I have 2 nail beds that have receded to the point where the white part of the nail begins about 1/8 inch from the cuticle -- the majority of my nail is not attached to the skin underneath. Obviously I have stopped using the nail glue, and this is damage that took place very slowly so I don't expect things to heal quickly, but I'm wondering first -- will they heal? Wil the nail ever reattach to the nail bed? And, since the skin under the nail is basically dry and
There are two things it could be; a yeast infection (candida) or you have become allergic to the acrylates in the nail glue. You should see your doctor to be sure it isn't an infection. If it is an allergy, you will never be able to use nail glue or artificial nail enhancements because once we are allergic, we are allergic for life. If it is an infection, you will need a prescription for Naftin to kill the candida fungus. If it is an allergy, just keep it clean and dry. The nail will grow in from the matrix and push the lifted portion off the free edge.

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