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No, they won't let you post pictures, even though it would help. If not gauze, try that wrap bandage that sticks to itself. It is a little bit elastic, so you can get it tight enough. It won't snag like gauze will. You can wrap a little gauze around it, then wrap the elastic tape as well. You can always try using just the gauze and one of htose 'rubber' finget tip protectors like they use when they count money. You'll find them in the same aisle as the gauze. They would allow you to keep working without snagging the nail or the bandage. Do apply the peroxide as this will help to prevent infection. Don't apply antibacterial ointment when you have it bandaged as this will allow it to remain too 'wet'.

Forgot - don't try to put it back into place with anything as you will cause yourself even more problems. The nail will not fall off in a few days and may not fall off at all. Just keep it as short as possible and file away any snags with a 240 grit emery board.

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