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I've been treating toenail fungus with Vicks Vapo Rub for about 7 months on my right big toe. It has been looking better for the past 4 months or so- normal color, no debris under the nail (besides from the Vicks itself), but the toenail is really thick. I also have a horizontal ridge across the nail, and the last time I posted, it was because this ridge was turning brown at the edges of the nail, and it seemed like there was always some kind of buildup there. Marti suggested I get one of those block filers/polishers from Sally's Beauty Supply to thin out the nail a bit, but there isn't a store that near to where I live, so I haven't gotten there yet.
Anyway, last night, I was trimming the nail so that the Vicks would still be getting underneath it and everywhere it should, and I noticed that the whole right side of my nail was all brown, as if the fungus was coming back full-force (my nails had been yellow before I started treating the fungus, but now they're turning brown??!!), so anyway, I started filing down the nail a little bit with a regular file, figuring I'd get the filer/polisher today, and I noticed that at the ridge in my nail on the side that was turning brown, my nail was lifting up. So anyway, I picked at it, and it was totally free from my toe underneath it on that side, and I was able to peel it off across my toe until it got to the middle and broke off. But it didn't hurt at all! My nail on one side came off halfway down my nail, and it didn't even hurt. Underneath, though, it's not just skin. It's very thin nail. It's a little sensitive, like this morning, I dropped my keys right on it and saw stars, but to touch it, it doesn't hurt at all.
Now, after all that rambling explanation, my question is, is the fungus not going away? Or was it just turning brown because the nail was starting to pull away from the nail bed. Is the thin nail underneath a good sign? That part of it looks healthy... Do you think my treatment of the fungus is working at all?

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