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Hi all,

I am taking Lamasil and have been for 55 days now. I have been diagnosed with nail fungus in 10 toes and 8 fingers. Lamasil is on Wal-Mart's $4 list now so I got 90 days worth of it for $12.

About two weeks ago I started having muscle pain in my back so bad that it woke me up at night. Upon waking I cannot go back to sleep. I also get hot and then cold over and over. I called my doctor and he says that these side effects are NOT from the Lamasil. I have found numerous other sites in which people report the same side effects.

The pain is deep in my back and more towards my sides actually. It hurts when I do side bends until I get up and around and stretch out some.

Does anyone know if I should just stop taking this medicine or perhaps just tough it out for the last 35 days? I am due for blood work now - I just have to go get the blood drawn.

I got vinegar, peroxide and tea tree oil with the thought of perhaps just quitting the Lamasil but have not quit yet.

I am just not sleeping hardly at all and am not sure if I can do it for another month, it is starting to weigh me down (and scare me)...
Obviously Lamisil is not widely used here, but I stopped using it three days ago and so far have lost 3 of the 15 pounds that I gained while using it and my back pain has stopped. I slept through the night last night for the first time in a month.

On the flip side I started using vinegar and tea tree oil morning and night. If I place a drop or two under the nail and around the cuticle should that work for nail fungus. I have read on several forums that it works nicely, how long does it take to "see" a difference?

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