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Allergic reaction does not happen overnight, but only after years of repeated and prolonged skin contact to the wet acrylic. It is the liquid monomer in the mixture that is the potential allergen. If at any time, the technician applies the product too wet or allows the wet product to touch the skin, it is a reaction waiting to happen.

You were right to soak off the product, but you must never reapply any type of artificial nail product because all artificial nail products are made from the same family of acrylates. Once we are allergic, we are allergic for life.

Please, no bandaids and no antibiotic ointment or ointment of any kind unless there is anactive infection present. Keeping the area 'wet' will only prolong healing. You would do better to purchase a 'cream' that contains cortisone, or ask your doctor for a prescription for a cortisone cream. You need to heal the area without keeping it 'wet' and cream will be absorbed by the skin, whereas an ointment will sit on top of the skin and allow excess moisture to build up in the area. Excess moisture can also allow bacteria or fungal spores to move in, set up housekeeping and turn into a full-blown infection. You do not need that!

As for the nail plate separating from the nail bed - this is an acute allergic reaction to acrylates. As the nail bed heals, the new emerging nail plate will push the lifted portion off the free edge and your nails will return to normal.

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