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I didn't say that. Any type of acrylic (and instant glues are acrylate based or they wouldn't work) can be a skin sensitizer - meaning that each time you 'accidently' get some on your skin, you are exposing yourself to a potential allergen. After repeated and prolonged exposure, you will develop an allergic reaction. Once you experience an allergic reaction, you will never be ablet o use any type of instant or nail glue as they are ALL acrylate based.

If you apply the nails and acquire an infection, you will need to go see your doctor to cure it. Bacterial infection of the nail plate can work its way through all the layers of nail plate and enter the blood stream through the nail bed. Fungal infection will cause the nail plate to separate from the nail bed and requires about a year to cure using fungal treatments. Either way, my advise is NOT to apply the nails - especially if you are planning on doing this repeatedly. It is not good for your natural nail health and can quite literally ruin your natural nails.

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