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One of my big toe nails is separating from the nail bed. It started at one corner and has moved down. Now about 1/3 of the nail is separated. I read that the nail will never re-attach unless the nail is removed and a new nail grows back. Does anyone know if it is necessary to have the nail removed as long as it is still mostly attached and there is no apparent problems? I think it was caused from the top of my walking shoe putting constant pressure down onto the nail. The nail is sore sometimes after wearing the shoe. It was a big "duh" when I figured out what it was doing.
It is probably separated due to the constant trauma from those shoes. It should grow back, but will take from 6-12 months depending on your genetics for nail growth. The nail grows from the Matrix and unless the damage was to the matrix, it should be fine.
Yesterday I started seeing some dis-coloration, looks like it's bruised. Thanks for your encouraging reply. For clarification--do you mean you think it will grow back without having to have the nail removed?

I'm going to call my doctor today, I'm just very impatient.

As the new nail emerges from under the Proximal nail fold, it will push the damaged portion off the free edge. Depending on your genetics for nail growth, it can take from 6-12 months for the nail to completely replace itself.

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