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The symptoms you are describing are classic for allergic reaction to acrylates - in this case, gel acrylic. If you are allergic to one nail enhancement product, you will be allergic to all of them. Since ALL artificial nail products are made from the same family of acrylates, you will be allergic to traditionnal acrylic, gel acrylic, wrap resins and nail adhesives (glues.) Allergic reaction does not happen overnight, but only after years of repeated and prolonged skin contact to a potential allergen. If the technician repeatedly allowed the wet product to touch your skin around the cuticle area, then this is the way in which you were overexposed. Once allergic, we are allergic for life. You need to have the nails removed and opt for natural nail care. With each exposure, the symptoms will worsen and the acute reaction is that your natural nail plate will lift and separate from the nail bed. The itching and burning will worsen as well as an increase in the blisters and seepage. Please have them removed!!

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