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A few weeks ago, I noticed my nail splitting from the middle of my cuticle on my thumb (it broke apart and then comes back in together). It is growing upwards, but where it is split there is a bump underneath. When I get it wet a lot, it gets tender on the lunula, which is where the split is right now. As a background, I had this happen a year ago and it grew out - I think I had hurt it back then but not sure, and now it came again and I don't remember banging it anywhere (unless there is permanent damage from before?). I have very dry hands, and I pick off my cuticles on my thumbs all the time. I also do not dry them well when they are wet. I am concerned about the bump though - do you think it's because it's damaged or does a split usually occur flat. I made an appointment with a nail expert/dermatologist, but I can not get in until the end of March. I am so worried it could be something worse though like cancer. I went to my regular dermatologist and he said it's most likely from the picking, but to see the nail expert if I'd like to make sure since there is a bump. Has anyone noticed the nail bumpy underneath the split. Thanks - a very concerned mom.

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